They also did the same with the ps3, I remember Phil Harrison at gdc showing off ps3's ingame chat which also included video chat (the F1 game was used for the demonstration) then the system releases and the features were no where to be found. Not saying what Sony showed will not "eventually" make it into the system but launch? Don't hold your breath (I hope they'll prove me wrong). That's one thing I always liked about ms and the approach they took with the 360, there was no waiting and when they announced something for the OS, it came out the next couple of weeks not months.

I can't wait to see how they'll improve live and how they'll handle the subscription pay of it. What will be free and what will cost. For Sony I am already a plus member and that'll carry over, add long as the free games keep coming lol. Ms needs something similar to be honest...maybe they'll have something better

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