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    Quote Originally Posted by LM-93 View Post
    If you're referring to the messenger, ( ) then I don't think I've used that since 2007 at the latest!
    The website and email service I never ever ever use, although I do check it once every blue moon when I need to reset a password of a very very old account and that's the email it's linked too.
    My Steam account name is the actual hotmail email address I have had for over a decade, no way to change it. Back when Steam was new the user names were your email addresses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keefy View Post
    My Steam account name is the actual hotmail email address I have had for over a decade, no way to change it. Back when Steam was new the user names were your email addresses.
    Haha I have a few accounts going back and a few recent ones where I already had an account linked to my current email
    So my hotmail account is pure backup/memory loss desperation

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    I haven't used it in... an amount of time that's higher than numbers go.

    The go-to IM client in high school was AIM and then in senior year Facebook started being a thing (back when you had to be invited by someone in your high school to be allowed on Facebook or have a college email).

    I still have my oldest Hotmail account, though, as well as a newer one I created when I got Windows 8 but it's used for nothing more than for the Microsoft Games like the solitaire collection or mahjong.

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    I haven't used it in at least 6 or 7 years. Everyone I knew stopped using it... same with AIM... so there was no point in bothering with it anymore.
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    I guess a better question is who hasn't?
    I stopped using MSN ages ago, even before it was going to be together with skype. I only used it for maybe 1/2 persons at the end and I couldn't give a $#@! after a while since I got in argues with 1 person and with the other person I can talk via texting too.

    I started using Xfire as my main chat app for a long time. I added my MSN and my facebook chat back in the days and it was easy and nice to use. Until they $#@!ed that up though and Xfire 2.0 came out. Now I don't use xfire anymore. Lot of my friends have moved on from Xfire too. Currently my main chat app is Steam for the gamers and Telegram/Whatsapp/iMessage for texting.

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