Hey all, I'm looking to ditch the PSN Trophy card I've been using as my sig for months for something more personal.

Lately, I've been falling hard for Jodie Holmes (Ellen Page's character) in Beyond: Two Souls. I especially love the game's box art. The art, and a clip of her face from the art, are linked below.



I'd love to see a sig that incorporate Jodie's face, with one of its tortured, pained expressions, with a background color scheme reminiscent of the schizophrenic, supernatural-esque schemes that a lot of the game's official art, including the cover, have been using.

I'd also like my name (Kyle Prahl) and title (U.S. Managing Editor) incorporated somehow.

I'm not sure how to offer/transfer SP, but I'm eager to see what cool designs you guys come up with. Hit me up if you have any questions!