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    Anti-piracy done right by a small indie developer

    Just wanted to share this because I think that that's the right approach to video game piracy. Even if some would argue that a pirated game is not a lost sale, I think that gamers need to realize how it affects our industry.

    Game Dev Tycoon was created by two brothers. They invested all their savings to start a company and develop the game. They truly enjoy tycoon and simulation games and after seeing many of the new social and pay-to-play games where buying coins is more important than good gameplay, they wanted to bring some true simulation games back. Their motto is less social, less ville, more game and they believed that there is a market for real simulation games but as independent game developers itís difficult to survive and the reason why so many companies create pay-to-play or coin-driven games are because they make more money with them.

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    That is hilarious and a really clever move by those guys. What's even more hilarious are the people who pirate the game (an $8 game mind you...) and posted on their site complaining that the game was broken lmao...

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