Hello all,

To improve readability on homepage articles, the PSU content team is considering making the default font sizes for articles larger. The change is primarily to aid those with 1920x1080 monitors--there's a concern that the text size we're currently using requires some users to zoom in, and we want to make our content as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

I've posted three images below that demonstrate the options. The first is our current default, what you see in the vast majority of PSU articles at the default (100%) browser zoom level. The second and third pictures present consecutively larger options.

It's important to consider that these pictures were snapped on my laptop's 1680x1050 monitor. As small as the text in these images appears, it would be even smaller for someone with a 1920x1080 monitor.

And, we're well aware that it's very easy for users to scroll-zoom with their browser. The idea is, we can make articles easier to read for everyone who has a problem (especially for mobile devices like smartphones) while not really affecting the people who don't really care either way.

Option 1: Current Default

Option 2: Larger

Option 3: Largest