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Pictures tell a million things.

Really bro? You're going to quote Netanyahu? lol. Ok sure.

Question? How many baby fighters do Palestinians have? Thank you. This is all propaganda. And really, if you're going to occupy a nation, you will see resistance that extreme. Now if those babies with plastic guns were actually shooting real guns at Israelis, that's a totally different thing.

Aggression breads resistance. There's no different way to look at it.

The solution is actually very simple, first and foremost, the obvious and I sound like a broken record by now because none of you Zionists and Zionist supporters have an answer for it: Stop destroying their homes and taking their lands, start treating them like proper citizens (and human beings, which involves giving them human rights) and then we can talk about peace. That is why they take on weapons, it starts from Israel's aggression and oppression.

Thank you. Act like human beings first and then hope for peace. You can't continue to oppress and expect people to not say or do anything. No matter who and where it is, just not going to happen. Humans beings weren't made for enslavement.