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    how the govt. of Israel is handling the situation, is wrong. You don't take land by force and illegally e.g. destroying people's homes. You treat everyone with the same respect and rights that you give to your people.
    Don't accuse others of racism. Report all racist post and we will handle them. ~23

    Israel did not illegally take land. Israel was illegally attacked by foreign forces and legally captured the land in the ensuing battles. That's how MANY countries that exist today have expanded to their current size. That is how Islam expanded beyond Iran and Iraq. War and capturing territory.

    Here is an undeniable fact for you.

    In 1948 the UN created Israel and a separate, independent state of Palestine. The ONLY reason that state of Palestine does not exist today is because the Palestinians preferred war. They started the war with Israel and they lost, and they've launched several wars since then, and lost each one. Each time they lose, they lose territory.

    The Palestinians have always had the option of peace. They've always had the option of an independent state of Palestine. They've had the option of having more territory than Israel. They've always rejected these options in favor of a war against the Jews.
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