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    Why Naughty Dog's star designer left

    Some interesting quotes
    "Iíve always had an indie kidís soul, I think," he says. "I grew up in the 80s. So whether it was the New Wave with its connections to punk music and the whole DIY scene... I always had a sense that what a big studio did was often amazing, but the cultural products of regular folks were often equally amazing and were very relevant to me and my life - the kind of place that Iíve come from and the things I was interested in."
    Lemarchand cites the work philosophy of his former studio for the easy adjustment. "Naughty Dog works in a very smart, pragmatic way," he says. "Theyíre always focused on solving the current problems in the implementation of the design of the game in the right ways, by really talking honestly about the game that weíre working on. And thatís the kind of approach that I think is useful in the classroom, especially for a young, artistic form like ours."
    Despite protestations that he's getting on in his years - too much to put in the 100 hour work weeks asked of him in triple-A - Lemarchand seems to radiate youthful exuberance in whatever he does, be it running a class or DJ-ing alongside Fez developer Phil Fish at GDC ("It's loads of fun, DJ-ing with Phil. It's a bit like playing Exquisite Corpse"). In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he's working on a new game in collaboration with one of his department's graduate students.
    100 hour work week! I guess ND talent and skill comes from hardwork
    I wonder when a nuclear warhead goes off, does the frame rate of real life drop?

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    Wow hard work indeed.

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    Ouch. 7 days a week, 14+ hours each day. Sheesh.

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    When you really love what you do, it shows.

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