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    lost psn account, still want it back!

    my fat ps3 got ylod early 2011 which is before the big psn hack downtime. or late 2010. or just before the psn down time but i do know that its about a month or two before the psn down time.

    so several months later i got a slim and tried to sign on to my psn and kept getting error. so after 20 or so times and it finally let me logged in.... but something pops up saying "you have to change your password to continue" but i cannot since i cant access my yahoo email that associate with the psn account. (yeah i forgot my yahoo password and after several tries the account got frozen i think)

    ..... i cannot access my psn without changing my password..... why would it want me to change password anyway? is it because of the psn hack down time? or just that because i have not log in for over 6 months?

    so i contact sony for help and tell them every detail and they cannot help me! you know what they said?????

    "sorry the username does not match"

    i asked "you mean the name did not exist?" and they said most likely. how can it be? they cant do anything about it. i was so piss! they just told me to make another one.

    i told them cant i just give them anything to prove that it exist? they said no. i asked is it posible that my id was hacked when big psn down time? they answers by "we recovered all our customers account and no account has been hacked" i feel like they are just saying that. i play ModNation and the maps i created says created by my id name which means my id name do exist!

    can someone help? i cant access my $#@!ing yahoo email! i think it got frozen after so many tries. contact yahoo and they too cant do shiet!

    i still want my old id back. someone know any knowledge of my situation?

    key point i want to ask
    - can you login to your psn id when your email that associated with the psn account is frozen?

    - my fat ps3 has been temp fix and was reformatted, is it because why i cant login to my psn id is due to the unit is reformatted? oh nevermind i forgot i tried logging on to my slim ps3 too and it still didnt work.
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    I more or less skimmed, but is there no way to get your yahoo email sorted out?
    Id imagine that would be the only way, I had a US account that I forgot all my info for and I just cut my loses (Though I didnt spend much on it)

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    i have some psn game on that account that worth about near 50 dollar usd.

    i think im screwed with yahoo because i remembered when i created the yahoo account, i put everything like dgfdgdftgdfg sddfg dfzgdfg sdfdstgdrfg name ect.... yeah im stupid. i thought its only just gonna be for my psn account and i was like dont really care and lazy to put real stuff on it.

    but if there is someone out there that has high level knowledge on how to overcome my problem, please speak up!

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    What's the PSN ID name, and/or username?

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    Quote Originally Posted by F34R View Post
    What's the PSN ID name, and/or username?
    is that important? just asking. no offense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QwoshOfTheOz View Post
    is that important? just asking. no offense.
    yeah its different than the email

    so like mine is
    PSN ID SomaXD

    but i have to enter my email/password to log in to PSN

    also with your PSN you can look it up online to see if it does actually still exist:

    (enter the PSN username/id directly after the "=")
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    Quote Originally Posted by SomaXD View Post
    yeah its different than the email

    so like mine is
    PSN ID SomaXD

    but i have to enter my email/password to log in to PSN

    also with your PSN you can look it up online to see if it does actually still exist:

    (enter the PSN username/id directly after the "=")
    whatttt???? my user name says cant be found. how?????? crazy!

    but when i go to official modnation site and go to user base and it shows my user name and all the maps i created so how did playstation site does not have my user name?

    could it be that at the time when i was trying several tries and like the 20th time or so and it says

    "you must change your password to continue"

    but i cannot change my password because i cannot access my yahoo mail so i just shut off the console.

    why would it need me to change password at the first place? could it be related to the big psn down time problem that requires all psn user to change password?

    so i didnt change the password...... assume that they deleted my account for not changing password?

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