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    Infraction for Bligmerk: No Flaming, Rule 3.

    Post: Sony’s biggest investor calls for division between Sony Entertainment and Sony
    User: Bligmerk
    Infraction: No Flaming, Rule 3.
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    Administrative Note:
    Flaming and baiting...

    Message to User:
    At no point do we allow members to flame other members. And we certainly do not allow members to use links to other websites as fuel.

    Original Post: [quote]The Sith and radgamer "technique" (practiced for almost 5 years now):

    Skim *removed* continuously for Sony-hater troll headlines, find some choice "bait", "get-in-first" to PSU with just link and some snarky comment, proceed to feed "discussion" with ever more off-tangent comments to spin things up.

    *removed quoted article from other site.*
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