Welcome to this years E3 gaming thread on PSU. E3 is always an exciting time of year, and this year is even more so with the impending reveal of what all of us will be playing this Christmas!

There are some guidelines I would like to make sure we follow for this forum.

First - if you have Sony news, post in the Sony thread. Xbox, same. Anything else like the Ouya, Android, iOS, etc... goes in the other section.
Second - No trolling. None. The themed threads are for that discussion only. No comparisons, no trolling, no derailing. This is an outlet for news, not a pissing match. We all know the rules, let's keep it civil.

The core E3 forum, meaning the one this post is in, should remain relatively free of posts. This is mostly for announcements by staff of possible streaming events, or whatever else we might want to relay to you to help find information easily!