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    PSU recruiting Trophy King/Video Manager

    Hi all!

    We're reaching out to the community to see if there's anyone out there that could help fill two really important roles at the site.

    Trophy King
    Do you love trophies?
    Did you know that PSU has a (neglected) dedicated trophy section? (
    Would you like to run that section and bring it back to its former glory?

    We need someone who is extremely trust-worthy as this requires being given access to our admin panel. The role generally involves data input into our trophy database. Keeping the trophy lists up to date by inputting new trophy lists whenever they're available. The role needs to be filled by someone who has around 1-2 hours a week they could put aside to help out. The position is purely voluntary but you will become eligible to take part in our monthly staff lottery. You'll also be part of a wonderful team and have access to our Content forums where you'll be welcome to join the team and help us shape the future of the site. Please get in touch if you're interested.

    Video Manager
    Video is an important part of PSU, yet it's another area that we need to improve on. We have a great system for adding new videos onto the site and we need someone who can help scour the net (YouTube) and help upload trailers and manage that video database.

    Once again, it requires someone who is extremely trustworthy. It's not a time intensive task. It simply requires that you grab embed links, place them into our system and make sure everything is labelled correctly. We'd need someone who can give time regularly, on a daily basis, to upload new videos, though note - a video only takes a few minutes to input.

    Please get in touch if you can help.

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    Steven, could you private message me further details regarding the video manager role? Thanks.

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    I'm always looking at other sites for trophy lists, so I could possibly update the trophy list for here (Could potentially also fix up the upcoming game list, ours is lacking. We dont even list The Last of Us as upcoming! :O)

    EDIT: Was having a look at the trophy lists, seems looking at them alphabetically needs the links fixed. Only "A" seems to work.
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    You can trust me....

    On an unrelated note; does anyone know how to post sensitive info on pastebin?
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