So I decided to do an opinion piece on a topic I'm very familiar with... PC Gaming. PC gaming is something that gets a lot of hype today around the gaming community. People are always exclaiming "PC master race", "PC is the god of gaming", or "If you don't game on PC you aren't a real gamer." I always found statements like that obnoxious, I'm fine with someone who prefers PC or console. However if you shove it in peoples faces it just annoying, it's just like every other fanboy. PC gamers really shouldn't put themselves above every other type of person who plays, I mean yelling at people because "your PC is better then their console" is just the same as "my console is better than your console." It just annoys me how PC fanboys act like their smarter or know more about video games just because they prefer PC. This may be a weird comparison, but I see it like this, "Hey you like Hot dogs, well they suck because they don't have is much toppings as hamburgers. Nevermind the fact that the more toppings the more money you have to spend, and everyone has their own taste buds." I just never so all the "flare" or "godliness" of computer gaming, I just always prefered consoles. Well, actually Playstation.