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    BMW designs the ultimate gaming PC

    BMW designs the ultimate gaming PC

    Authored by Zarmena Khan

    In a press release today, BMW has unveiled a compact gaming PC designed for ASRock. They call it the “ultimate gaming beast.” It certainly looks like one.

    ASRock reportedly contacted BMW Designworks USA in 2012, asking the company to create the M8, the first Small Form Factor (SFF) PC.

    The machine is designed in a way that it can be placed either horizontally or vertically, and still look good! The design enables gamers to see the motherboard, which the company terms “the jewel of any PC.” Strong casing is used to protect the motherboard, and the sides of the case are transparent so that the inside of the PC is visible.

    BMW has left room for gamers to be creative and personalize the chassis. The magnetic side panels can be removed for easy access to technical gear and ventilation. The front knob is multi functional, and has an integrated OLED

    display. The knob is called the A-Command, and provides information such as usage, heat, date, time, etc. Additionally, it’s used to adjust the volume and fans inside the tower. The ventilation system is designed to provide optimum cooling.

    Technical equipment includes: 802.11ac WiFi module, Bluetooth v4.0, and Creative SoundCore 3D quad core processor. The WiFi module can provide up to 867Mbps, and the sound system provides realistic audio effects.

    We have no information on the pricing yet, but if it’s anything like BMW’s dream machines, then they’re going to come with a heavy price tag.

    This is a cool P.C indeed
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    Looks good. This is the sort of thing needed for that size of PC case, most other similar sized cases look like $#@!.

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    If you're gonna go treasure chest sized case, you might as well make it look like a spaceship. BMW though? I don't get it but cool anyway

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