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    NF SHIFT 2 Fair Competition? or am i missing something?

    NFS SHIFT 2 Fair a Competition? or am i missing something?

    always thought of buying it because of top notch graphic and top notch engine sound. sound way powerful than gran turismo, forza and the run. i dont care if its realistic sound or not all i care is powerful sound.

    but after i play 1 hour trial demo and every match when start race.... i always accel so slow while the others go ahead of me. its like a kiddie honda civic vs honda NSX comparring in speed. i dont remember the actual car i race with though.

    my question is..... is shift 2 a fair competition online play like NFS THE RUN? where each race players drive similar level of car..... like same tier or is it who play longer to get better car thats the player who win? is the gap of speed level really huge as i see it from the 1 hour demo? or am i missing something?

    are there no cpu-controlled ranked match? or only player-controlled-lobby? i dont really remember but i think theres only player controlled lobby when i play it..... maybe i didnt get to explore it throughly.
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