I'm old enough to have witnessed Nintendo vs Sega, Sony vs Sega, Sony vs Nintendo, and now Sony vs Microsoft.

Which was your favorite and why?

For me, it would probably have to be Nintendo vs Sega, the Genesis and SNES were so evenly matched, with their various first party published games that it seemed impossible not own both.

Sony vs Nintendo was sort of fun, the PS1 was just sort of trouncing N64 the whole time, but the latter stayed in the game with dedicated 1st party franchises that had stood the test of time by then.

Sony vs Sega was just a sad slaughter, both times. Although Sega felt like a sympathetic underdog.

Probably my least favorite is the current one with Sony and Microsoft, as I just can't really think of redeeming factors for the latter, just too 'bro'-culture oriented for me and not enough substance.