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Thread: Ahh memories

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    Ahh memories

    Truthfully, this may be a pointless thread, but I'd like to remind everyone of the state of things this time last generation by posting some OLD PSU links (I remember logging into ps3portal years ago )

    It's funny to see some of the PR, speculation, and predictions surrounding the ps3 that changed completely. Think about that when you're reading all of these ps4 articles

    ps3 chip will go easy on developers:

    ps3 is not a games machine

    unreal engine 4 in development

    Blu-ray to overwhelm HD-DVD

    120fps, they said (oh ken...)

    ff VS XIII (still nowhere to be found...)

    RFOM Review

    and last but not least:

    DRM or no DRM

    By the way, if anyone can find the really old (i believe e3 05 or 06) psu behind-the-scenes demo of warhawk when it was still a single player game I would really appreciate it. I believe it was a backroom demo and I think Dylan Jobe was in it but I may be wrong.

    And does anyone else remember this?

    EDIT: I've found a few SP warhawk vids on youtube that are similar but not the exact one i'm looking for. Still wish they had a campaign in that game...
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