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It was definitely Kinect only at one point.



As for QTE... the fighting is not QTE. The QTE comes AFTER the fighting, for a rewards system. The didn't really make that apparent, but like the video I posted before, the devs say it is not QTE combat, but merely a "finishing "maneuver you have the option to perform for more bonues.
ok right, i forgot about the other video. i can't watch that one at work and i didn't watch it after i came home so i was stuck on the one in the OP. if there was a way to maybe post that video in the OP or here, I could see it.

I guess that demo was old then...the battle system is further than the demo at this point.

however the heavy use of scripting...that will be difficult to remove unless they didn't make the entire game with it. that takes a lot of money and time.