Sad to see a member go like that. I have never and will never support permanent bans. Yes, he was getting too emotional about it but people get over things. Losing a member is worse than anything imo. Not unless someone is here just to troll...yes he was an extreme fan but I don't think he was here just to bash...he was just trying to present his points.
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So that is a no.
Yes that is a no lol. Really now? Your argument is that they aren't giving us full retail games for free? Every month? Now I don't have PS+ so I can't speak much for it but I have seen them give out plenty of free games, now how many are retail as opposed to PS1 or PSN, I don't know but maybe someone knows here. What I do know is that the trials of new games and free rentals every month is alone worth a good chunk of the deal.

This month it's Deus Ex: Human Revolution(PS3), Machinarium (PS3), Saints Row: The Third (PS3). I haven't tried two of those games yet, really, it's not that bad. I wouldn't pay for it today but judging from what they may add for the PS4, I'm keep my eyes open for it.

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I had not thought about this through, if paying for PS Plus gives us access to Gaikai then it's a fair deal then.
I think it might. Also, if I heard correctly, we'll get a collection of older games too (BC)...can someone back me up on this?

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You know, some people are saying that + services are worth it. Personally I agree that they've been doing a fantastic job so far with it. But they could have handled this part better. Here is what they should have done: Make online free still for all gamers but deny Gaikai services (Like streaming and recording); cross game chat and cloud unless you pay for their additional services.
As unicron7 said, I forgot about Gaikai, yes, the cloud service costs money too. If they include that, honestly I don't see a problem.

See, I was angry about the share button because I figured it'd be behind a paywall so I wouldn't want to pay just for sharing. Since they're giving it to us a full package, we'll see what the details are and so far I'm realizing that there will be a lot to go with it.

So while I don't care about sharing, I may use it. I have wanted to share in the past. It's very painful to share from consoles. So if this gives us the full advantages of the PS4, $#@! sign me up.

Just as a PS+ and online is like, well...maybe, maybe not. But I think we should wait and see. I think we might be getting a lot more goodies than what PS+ is right now.