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    What Goes Up Must Come Down

    We can all agree MS has received a haymaker from Sony at the dawn of this new generation. DRM, always connected bull$#@!, $499, w, weaker hardware, arrogance, has plagued MS headlines and the Xbone has become the greatest PR nightmare perhaps in console gaming history. The Xbone literally $#@!s bad news. The PS4 has

    1) better hardware
    2) lower price
    3) better online service value
    4)no DRM, no always connected
    5)and most importantly of all, the hearts of gamers

    However, we must not forget the PS4 would not be what it is today without the help of MS. WTF are you talking about Crazy Phat?

    I will explain myself. The Xbox One in its current form must not succeed. If it does, it will give publishers the incentive to block used games because they will say "hey Xbone is doing things." Secondly, I prefer a physical medium because I like to keep what I used my money to buy, and I believe that if the Xbone suceeds, then the most likely all digital next generation after this next generation will be executed in a very, very $#@!ty way. Always online bull$#@!, hardocre DRM, games are services, $#@!ty gimmicky games all around.

    But I do want the future consumer friendly Xbone to succeed if MS removes all the bull$#@! the Xbone the piece of garbage that it is. Why Crazy Phat why? I will tell you why, competition is good. Competition is why the PS4 is what it is. Do you guys honestly think Sony would have pulled all the steps to make the PS4 the hardcore gaming heaven that it seems to be. PS+ would not be as awesome as it is now (according to people, never tried it), Sony would still be arrogant half assing everything, the PS4 would have been expensive as hell (600+), the PS4 would have been hard to develop for, etc.

    Competition makes everyone better. With everyone trying going all out to take your money, the gamer wins. Look at the golden age that we call the PS2 era. That success got to Sony' arrogant little head and that nearly took them out the console race last gen with the PS3. Luckily they rebounded and are now back on top with the PS4 if we were to go by the media reports and gaming site preferences. I fear that if the Xbone fails (which I hope it does that piece of $#@!; you $#@!ed up MS) miserably, and the PS4 is the sole true next gen console, Sony will begin to take their foot off the gas pedal and start half assing things again thinking that their mindless Sony fanboys will suck everything up and defend their precious Sony.

    Then the cycle continues, Sony gets arrogant again, and the PS5 becomes a lackluster system because Sony knows that no matter what, they win. It happens EVERY SINGLE GENERATION. One companies head gets big, and they $#@! up. The damage done by one company was too great to recover from that took them out the console race (R.I.P. Dreamcast).

    Sorry for this long rant. I jut wanted to voice my thoughts. I just hope that now Sony is not on their heels, the PS4 will suffer, especially if MS leaves console gaming and their only competition being the Wii U. If that becomes the case, the PS4 will have an even easier time dominating this gen than they did during the PS2 era. That means only one thing for the even bigger head than they had at the start of the PS3/360/Wii era.
    Resistance 2, KillZone 2, WarDevil, MGS4, God Of War 3, Final Fantasu XIII, White Knight Chronicles, Gran Turismo 5, and a alot more, how can 2008 not be the PS3's year.

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    I cant really be bothered to read all that. Lets just say I want both companies to do well. But where still not getting enough clarification from Microsoft.

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    Yep, MS needs to do well to keep Sony pushing their price down and introducing as many features as possible.

    Having said that, even with PS1 and PS2, Sony never really got lazy towards the end of a generation or anything like that despite dominating the market.

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    Great post! I wholeheartedly agree, competition is good for business and consumers. This is especially true if you are a consumer who can afford more than one console or handheld.

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    Nope, we sure all can't agree.

    Black Wolf nailed it though..competition is good!

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    I've said this myself many times.

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