Hey guys, I know it's years old but just wanted to talk about this game. I'm 1 hour in but according to the main missions I'd say I'm 25-30% in?

First off, wow it's a beauty but it has it's problems. I can't help but feel this game should've been on PS4. The texture pop in is god awful. Turn around and texture pop in, turn back to where you were originally looking and texture pop in. What was the point in a mandatory 8GB install?

The combat is great. Love the shotgun and wing stick. It's so satisfying getting a wing stick kill with the baddies getting their heads chopped off I'm digging the multi tiered approach to the bullets as well.

Story. It reminds me of an RPGS in that you go to people for quests/missions. I personally like this but the world so far doesn't leave much to do other than the missions. There are a few side missions but....yeah nothing to write home about.

I just bought it today at Sainsburys for 8 so I'm enjoying it. I mainly bought it for a little game till Last of Us. It will keep me entertained anyway

What do you guys think of it? Did you enjoy it when you played it? The story length being so short did that annoy or upset you? Or did you know going into it, it's like a 5-6 hour shooter?