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    Quote Originally Posted by Flaw3d Genius View Post
    I wasnt being serious hench the smiley!
    The exact same thing happens here in Britain on a weekly basis! It's never seen as a racist crime if the receiver of the crime is white nor does it get anywhere near the same coverage however the media are all over the "racist crime" if he's black. I honestly think people are scrared to call Black people racist... now i dont know to much on your side of the pond but certainly here in Blighty.
    Honestly if a time ever comes where I have to pull my gun and shoot someone I hope they are not black because then I will be called a racist even after showing no prejudice over the course of my entire life.

    I wonder how many of these athletes who are crying "it's not fair" have gotten off on something like a DUI or other crime. Yea it sucks, but welcome to the legal system. You've played it and won. Zimmerman got his like Stallworth got off with a slap on the wrist for running a dude over in his car while wasted
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