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I'm playing in Normal and guns don't help you that much. Unless it's a headshot it still takes 2-3 shots to kill most people..more if they have armor. Shotgun is usually death in one shot. It's still pretty brutal considering how few shots Joel can take before dying. I imagine that in Hard mode it's pretty unbelievable! I'll be giving it a try after I finish on Normal though. At least I'll know what I'm doing more. I think that will probably give me a big advantage.
i usually play though games nowadays on easy but figured i'd run with normal for this one. playing new game plus is a freaking cake walk, i think i've used 2 medkits and im four ours in. by comparison i'd used copious amounts of medkits on my first go so mush so i couldn't keep crafting them now im full up with crafting materials and use them on molotovs now

will definitely bump that up to survivor next time i play.