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    Major Nelson got pissed haha dude cornered him about DRM
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    All of my feels for this video.

    The surest sign that you are on the right side of a debate is when you find yourself against those who are stuck in the past. It is they whom have no future.

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    Now I know many of us do not take Michael Pachter very seriously but he believes Microsoft will drop a few of their policies a month or two after launch depending on how well the PS4 does against the X1 in the US, he believes if Sony sell 100k more than MS in the US by Jan they'll also lower the price.

    Could it be a MS tactic that they remain as quiet as possible on specs and their restrictions and speak up what they want us to know and depending on sales and how well people receive it a month or two after release then possibly change their policies?

    Could explain why they're so inept when it comes to answering simple questions.

    I hope my post made sense I need some sleep
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