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    Post Thought this was a really level headed way to look at xbox one DRM

    Edit: The title refers to the article.. not my rant

    I obviously understand that what works for me may not work for someone else, but as a gamer who owns a ps3 and xbox 360 that are always connected to the internet I am not to concerned over the 24hr check in policy. I actually think this no nonsense approach to making sure developers get their cut of the used game market is going to be a big selling point for MS to snatch exclusive IP's going forward. Anyhow, I can envision some issues with internet connectivity but look at services such as direct tv or dish network. They are subject to outages due to weather but there "works 99% of the time" is good enough for millions of subscribers. Enough of me... on to the article

    " Let's Clear Up The Issues: Used Games, Kinect Privacy, and Other (What Most People Seem to Have Missed, An Explanation) (self.xboxone)

    I'm sick of seeing all the misinformation going around the gaming subreddits. It's really frustrating to see people furiously hating the X1 without having all, if any, of the details. I'll try and break this down for you guys so here we go.
    To start off, the Xbox One will allow you to buy games at launch through digital download or through discs by going to a retail store.

    One of the X1's main feature is the ability to install the disc directly to the hard drive and play it without a disk. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is a feature many asked for when the feature was added to 360, but it was only to allow the game to run better.
    Contrary to popular believe, the used game does exist in the X1.
    "Trade-in and resell your disc-based games: Today, some gamers choose to sell their old disc-based games back for cash and credit. We designed Xbox One so game publishers can enable you to trade in your games at participating retailers. Microsoft does not charge a platform fee to retailers, publishers, or consumers for enabling transfer of these games."
    What can we take away from this? Easy. If you bought a disc based game, you can sell and trade it to any participating retailer. It means that game publishers will work out deals with retailers in order for the developers and publishers to take a cut of used games sales. Microsoft will not receive any money from these transactions. If you bought a digital copy, just like any digital copy, you will not be able to do this.

    "In our role as a game publisher, Microsoft Studios will enable you to give your games to friends or trade in your Xbox One games at participating retailers. Third party publishers may opt in or out of supporting game resale and may set up business terms or transfer fees with retailers. Microsoft does not receive any compensation as part of this. In addition, third party publishers can enable you to give games to friends. Loaning or renting games won’t be available at launch, but we are exploring the possibilities with our partners."
    All first party games will be allowed to be resold and be given away (more of this below).

    "Loaning or renting games won’t be available at launch, but we are exploring the possibilities with our partners."
    Microsoft and companies such as Gamefly are working on a system to make this work.

    As we saw above, you will be able install your games to your hard-drive and have your entire library available to play without putting the disc in the disc tray.
    This is why the 24-hour check is required. Without this, many copies of the same game could be installed into multiple X1's and it would be absolutely crumble game sales.
    The drawback to this is not being able to game offline. Microsoft has said that the final decisions to this issue have not been final. I believe if they allow you to play offline with the disc in the disc tray, this would become a non-issue.

    This is one of the biggest things people have been complaining about. Microsoft has already addressed the issue, but of course it fell on deaf ears. People already had their pitch forks out and had Sony on a pedestal by this point.
    "You are in control of when Kinect sensing is On, Off or Paused: If you don’t want the Kinect sensor on while playing games or enjoying your entertainment, you can pause Kinect. To turn off your Xbox One, just say “Xbox Off.” When the system is off, it’s only listening for the single voice command -- “Xbox On,” and you can even turn that feature off too. Some apps and games may require Kinect functionality to operate, so you’ll need to turn it back on for these experiences."
    As I've stated before, you will have the control to everything that the Kinect has to offer. If you don't want it to hear you? You can do that. If you don't want it to see you, you can do that. Don't want it to listen for the "Xbox On" while it's off, you can also do that.
    If you want to learn more about the Kinect's privacy settings, you can click this link: Kinect Privacy

    Now onto the other things. As some of us know, you will be able to have a "circle" of friends, 10 people to be exact, that will be able to access your game library from anywhere (in the same region, I'm assuming..still not clear about this) at anytime (as long as you or someone else in your circle isn't playing it). This is of course how things work now, two of your friends can't play the game at the same time from one disc on two separate consoles.
    This is a feature that is absolutely wonderful, but the people raging about it had not heard about it before.
    "Give your family access to your entire games library anytime, anywhere: Xbox One will enable new forms of access for families. Up to ten members of your family can log in and play from your shared games library on any Xbox One. Just like today, a family member can play your copy of Forza Motorsport at a friend’s house. Only now, they will see not just Forza, but all of your shared games. You can always play your games, and any one of your family members can be playing from your shared library at a given time."
    I absolutely love this feature. For example, my cousin is 200 miles away when he's away to college and I've let him borrow LA Noire and Dead Rising. I've yet to receive those games from him. With this feature, we don't have to be close in order for him to borrow any of my games! It's crazy as to how so many people dismissed this feature because it's a big jump forward in digital technology. No longer will my friends or family have to be close to me in order for them borrow one of my games.
    Important Update: New information has risen relating to this feature. You +1 friend from your circle can play the same game at the same time. Others can still play from your other library selection.

    Another Important Update: DLC will be shareable through your circle. Your friend will be able to play all of the DLC that you buy. They will not need to purchase their own DLC for the game they're playing from your Xbox One.

    Do you have a game that you will no longer play? Your friend can still play it off of your Xbox (if they're in your circle). What if they're not? As long as they have been in your friend's list for 30 days, you can give a game away to your friend, free of charge! This can only be done once per copy.
    Disclaimer: Microsoft has left it up to the publishers to decide whether or not you will be able to give your games to your friend. As stated above, first party games will allow you to this.
    The big change in the Xbox Live system is the feature to allow all users on one console to have gold by just one user having it. For example, if I have Xbox Live Gold and my brothers also use the same console, they will also be able to use all the perks of a Gold account. They will have access to all the games on the console even if it was installed through my account.
    In short, one Gold account subscription per Xbox.

    Disclaimer, the following is information that I believe. I have no source for some, just my opinion.
    The main question I'm seeing is why the Kinect is being forced upon us. This is what I believe is the case in relation to this matter.
    The past version of the Kinect was not the big leap in innovating that Microsoft wanted. It is a powerful machine, but many developers were not making games for it. The games that were being made specifically for the Kinect we really not that great. They didn't appeal to many gamers as they were soft and childish. This wasn't what Microsoft was looking for from developers.
    Why weren't developers making games for the Kinect? Was it because they couldn't?

    If a developer made a game for the Kinect, their market instantly became much smaller. Why? Not everyone has a Kinect. As of February 2013, the Kinect has sold an estimated 24 million units. This does not mean that these units have been sold to individual customers, but to retailers. Which means that there are Kinects in the shelves or warehouses that will never reach the individual customer. In comparison, the 360 has sold an estimated 77.2 million units, again not all sold to invidual customers, but it's safe to assume that there a lot more 360's in the hand of an individual customer than there is Kinects. In an instant, your market shrinks to about 31% of the possible market. Keep in mind, this number will change depending on how many units of each product have been sold to each consumer.
    With that information given to you, what I believe is happening is simple. Microsoft is shipping a Kinect with every console because like this, if you own an Xbox One--you will aso own a Kinect. With this, I'm thinking Microsoft is ensuring the developers that the market is out there! In this move, Microsoft want the developers to explore the possibilities of the Kinect. They want newer innovations as they believe they've made a product with enormous potential. Why do you believe they were shoving the Kinect down everyone's throat last E3? They wanted to expand their market.
    Just think of everything that can be developed for the Kinect. For example, Dead Rising 3 will have a feature where it will listen outside of the game through the Kinect. If you make a loud sound while playing, the zombies will hear you and they will come after you. This is the kind of thing Microsoft is looking for with the Kinect, innovation.
    As to why it can't be disconnected, that I'm not sure. Maybe it's for the same thing? I can't expand further on this.
    With this, we are done with explaining the information that a lot have missed and hopefully will be able to see that the Xbox One really isn't what they think.
    If you wish to learn more, all of this and other information can be found here:"
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    I don't think so... I just did a search using the contents of the article and no matches. Apologize in advance if i'm mistaken.

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