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    "Don't forget about the tablets" ... What about the Vita?

    I saw quite afew games having tablet integration during E3 demos, like BF4's commander mode, hacking commands for Watchdogs etc and wondered if the Vita will be supported as a "second screen" for these and future games? Nothing was mentioned so guessing not which is a shame but wondered if anyone new for sure?

    Here is an article explaining what currently supports :

    (possibly should be vita section?)

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    I don't think anything is precluding the Vita from being a second screen. I think they wanted to make sure that everyone knew that the PS Vita is not the only 2nd screen available to the PS4, as that was left somewhat as a question during the Feb launch.

    Personally, I love the thought of PS Vita being a first screen option for my son (or myself) to play the PS4 remotely if the TV's tied up (it's my TV so I'm usually the one tying it up.)

    But the thought of playing as a third person on a tablet when away from home, during lunch, etc really appeals to me. I've got a couple of tablets that I can use for this.

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