Good news. So glad they are bringing this one back.
The Killer Instinct reboot revealed at this year's E3 will feature a paid option akin to a season pass in addition to its free-to-play model, allowing players to either purchase the full character roster or shop for select fighters.
Players seeking to get the full game immediately will now have the option to pay for a season pass-like download that would unlock all of the game's content. The free version of the downloadable fighter will feature only one character - the martial artist Jago - while the remainder of the roster will be available to download individually for a price. Microsoft has yet to confirm any prices for the full roster or the single character unlocks.
In an interview with Polygon, Torin Rettig of Microsoft explained that "Some [fighting] games have anywhere between 30, 40, even 50 characters. And in reality, most players don't play that many characters. You just only have so much time to get good at so many characters. So we wanted to take that into consideration and release the game in a way that took that into consideration and allowed players to get in and play the game at the level that they want to play it."
The option of paying for characters or "seasons" of them are not a new concepts to the Xbox library, with Guardians of Middle-Earth, the licensed Lord of the Rings MOBA, having a similar pay model.
Killer Instinct will be an Xbox One exclusive due out at the system's launch in November 2013 as a downloadable title only.