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    [IGNORE] Hidden Trophy image

    This should be an easy request, at least for someone that knows what exactly they are doing in a paint program.
    Currently Im in charge of adding trophy lists to the PSU trophy portal, and at present Ive been using the below PADLOCK image to show if a trophy is hidden. Well I think it would look better overall if I had a proper Hidden Trophy image so Ive come to you fine folks.

    I attempted to make a black trophy icon out of one of the trophies but it didnt look good next to the other images. Anyone mind making me a "Hidden Trophy" icon that I can use in future trophy lists, one that looks good next to the other trophy images?

    Note: Not asking for a new set, just for a proper "Hidden trophy" icon that looks good next to the below trophies. (Not counting the PADLOCK image)

    As you can see the image I use now to show a trophy as hidden kind of sticks out like a sore thumb. Ill +rep whoever makes one, and give them all my SP if they want it.
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