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Honestly, despite the issues Ive had the game can be enjoyable.. though if I hit a game ending bug I would be singing a different tune right now. At bosses, make sure you dont die.. seems sometimes bosses/enemies can vanish completely (some of them drop scrolls, which is for a trophy). In Mirkwood, make sure you always talk to Beleram and grab the staff (They are part of the main quest, so not sure how people screw that up) and make sure you talk to Beleram in the second last chapter after talking to Gorin (Again, part of the main quest)

When you enter a level make sure you complete it until you get to the portal at a checkpoint/you finish the level completely, exiting a level via the pause menu is how my armour and sidequests vanished. Still annoyed that I lost some side quests, and those last two armour pieces I needed. (One of the sidequests was one of the better rewarding ones, and Ive still not found the armour I need to complete a set.. Ive looked for hours)

--Also, apparently going to the options menu in the pause menu is how you can manually save. Not sure if it works.. but I do it everytime I finish a quest/find gear I want. On the last chapter and havent hit an issue since I found out about this.. so it must work.)--
That sounds like a pain.