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    Microsoft spends $700 million beefing up Xbox Live for Xbox One cloud support

    New investment "supports the growing demand for Microsoft's cloud services"
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    Microsoft has rummaged around down the back of its sofa and pulled together the princely sum of $700 million to fund a new data centre in Des Moines, Iowa, which will power Xbox Live and the company's other cloud-based services.

    The firm has already invested heavily in the Des Moines area, and this new expansion will bring the total amount to almost $1 billion. In a statement to the Des Moines Register, Christian Belady, GM of Microsoft's data centre services, said that the new project "supports the growing demand for Microsoft's cloud services." It'll also make Microsoft the third "big tech" company to push its data center investment to $1 billion or more.

    The new data centre will support several of Microsoft's cloud services, but mainly Xbox Live - which Microsoft has stated will be powered by 300,000 servers by the time the Xbox One launches in November. Engineering boss Jeff Henshaw has claimed that Xbox One's cloud processing capability is equivalent to three additional Xbox Ones, allowing developers such as Forza 5 developer Turn 10 to offload tasks and save system resources on the console itself.
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    Cloud is getting hammered left right and center as PR fluff. XB1 is 33% theoretically weaker than its competition, i don't see 4 times the power being sent through the internet within a reasonable time frame. forget that rubbish..

    you want my personal opinion on the article in question?

    i couldn't give two $#@!s for servers in Iowa! how the $#@! does that cloud benefit me!? i like to play my games in real time, not a second or two after i try to do something!

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    Why couldn't this 700 million USD have just been used to beef up the permanent specs of the console with a bigger GPU?

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    It's interesting simply by virtue of the fact that if MS are shovelling 700 million USD to build up their cloud infrastructure then the X1 is not the whole reason for it. Clearly they have some other uses for this cloud network that they are considering, probably as yet unannounced.

    Most of these cloud stories (Apple's iCloud, Amazon's Cloud Drive, etc, etc) are all fluffy bunnies and light. It's a collective noun for something that most companies have been offering for years through distributed computing. So I agree that this is just marketing fluff at this stage.

    I cannot see how the cloud will improve the performance of any game, but I wait with eager anticipation to see if people cleverer than me make it so. It certainly cannot deal with anything real time and it has to fail gracefully should the network drop.

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    The only way that playing a game from the cloud could offer a better experience than playing from the Xbox One is if the machinery that the game is being streamed from is either a souped up Xbox One or a super high end PC, and that is assuming the level of latency is optimal.

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