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    Is it just me or did they make the bottom of the grips more square like the Original Xbox. For some reason it reminds me of the Dreamcast as far as the grips are concerned They look sharp. Might just be that image.
    In that picture I agree. Other pictures it doesn't. Those at E3 on the event floor said they felt similar to the 360 controller less the battery pack intrusion.

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    Yeah those that held it said it felt even better than the 360 pad...i thought that would be impossible!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fLiPdAtwAy View Post
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    It looks like size is going to be another thing that they worked on with the DS4. I personally didn't have problems with the size of the DS3 but I know a lot of people that did. Does look like Sony listened to a lot of people about what they would like to see in the controller while still keep the same over all aesthetics. Definitely a good thing IMHO. I can't wait to personally hold one of them and try it out.
    I did have a little bit of trouble with long gameplay my hands would get a little cramped with the ds3. I've used an Xbox controller before but not for a long period of time so I can't really judge that one. all I know is the ds4 looks great and I can't wait to use one

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