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I guess we will, but take a trip over to GTplanet for about 3 days you'll come back a little different. I still stand by what I said though Kaz knows GT6 has to be damn near perfect, and I don't mean it can't have glitches cause not game is perfect in that regard, but he needs to bring back the feeling of GT what it was between GT1-GT4.
I've been to GT Planet. And they represent only a small portion of the 10 million people that bought the game. I happen to enjoy it despite the shortcomings that it does have. I dont let other peoples negativity affect my enjoyment. If you dont like the game thats fine and I have no problem with that. I just have issue with people who have a problem with the fact that I do enjoy it. Why the urgent need to change my mind? (not pointing at you specifically). And of course I hope they improve the next one. But meanwhile I'll continue to play and enjoy GT5 and look forward to the GT6 demo.