You go practically anywhere on the internet and all hear is PS4 > Xbox One. With all this heat you'd think Microsoft wouldn't be able to catch a break, eh? Well, looks like one country actually wants it. According to Gamespot's nex-gen Twitter challenge, our close neighbors, Saudi Arabia, wants the Xbox One the most. In the entire planet. Bwah?!

But come to think of it, this ain't a big shock. Xbox Live has long supported Saudi Arabia by including a store dedicated to that demographic. Games like Call of Duty and Battlefield are also extremely popular and given the fact that the Xbox One will be receiving early DLC for those games, well, that could tip the system a bit in their favor. Forza is also pretty popular ranking in more fans than the lack luster GT5.
With that said, Saudi still wants the PS4 more than the Xbox One . But still, having to see a country that actually wants the black sheep of the next gen family is a feat on it's own.