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This, they'll be coding much closer to the metal. And although the raw GPU numbers will never surpass the power of a card like the 7970 or GTX680, the actual game results could easily match and eventually surpass the quality those cards can produce (and isn't that all that really matters?). The reason is the HSA nature of the APU in the PS4. It's basically impossible to directly compare it to a regular CPU\GPU like you could do with past APUs because of this and for the obvious reason that it's being implemented into a console(closed-platform).

Foraeli doesn't understand the point of the asynchronous fine-grain compute. Using the GPU for these other normally CPU intensive calculations only while the GPU isn't maxing out is an extremely efficient way of doing things. And it doesn't take away from anything the GPU would have been doing anyways, it's just getting more use out of the GPU, leaving more for the CPU to do, and wasting little to no available power in there. This will also make direct comparisons fall further off the mark than usual when comparing consoles to PCs. As APIs are adjusted to make better use of GPGPU functions, the resulting quality of games will incrementally increase in everything from visual fidelity to AI.

There's also much less overhead in the PS4, with all the dedicated chips(so the specs are much more impressive, knowing almost 100% is going toward pure gaming). The OS is a modified version of FreeBSD 9.0 that has a very small memory footprint and is exceptionally good at multitasking. The secondary chip ARM processor runs the OS and background processes, HDD access and downloads. The audio chip handles cross-game chat and 200 concurrent mp3 streams in-game. The video encoder/decoder handles the constant 15 minute block of recorded gameplay and Vita remote-play. And the zlib decompressor extracts compressed media on the fly. There should really be much more hype surrounding these new AMD APUs with full HSA, it really is the right direction for the future of computing, and PS4 and Xbone are going to be the first pieces of hardware to put it to work. So, in response to Foraeli, taking into account the nature of the hardware architecture, the resulting visual quality and overall scope of games on the PS4 is probably going to be closer to that of a current top end PC and GPU than the PS3 and 360 were for their time.
mad respect dude. you're way over my head lol

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