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I saw it wasn't in the OP but I was at TGS this year and got to play the TGS demo. I gave it the official PSU RPG of the Show award. That quick demo had me hooked right away, even if it was in Japanese and I didn't know what I was doing half the time. I just played the demo 4 times the other day. Can't wait for the 11th. Best in the series I think it'll have the potential to be.


This is also a poster I got from a convenience store while I was living in Nagoya. They were just going to throw it out so I got it for free.

Shared/sharing the link. Thanks man.
I would love to be in Japan for the lead up/release of this game. Sigh.
That is a sweet poster.
And the 3 game pack Japanese CE is the one that i wanted. Was gonna cost too much for shipping and converting currency to get it to little ol New Zealand.