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while I agree with most of your statement i think one kinda contradicts itself. you said the ps4=hardcore gamer. I agree and that's the reason I preordered one; however, as being a console for hardcore gamers wouldn't the ability to play ALL types of games and use ALL types of input innovation be a good idea for HARDCORE gamers?

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Well, none of the 360/ps3 gamers i know give a rats ass about the PS3 eye or the kinect, and being forced to pay 50-100 bucks extra for a console to include something they will never use is a waste in my opinion, MS are including it because they have a different vision for their console then what Sony has.

Sony haven't bothered promoting the move or the eye much when it comes to the PS4, for me that is an indication that are focusing on the hardcore market rather then the casual market, to me, that is the market that will also pay premium dollar for a top of the line TV with low input lag.

And as things stands now, the Sony W9 40-55" LCD TV line is the best TV available for gamers.