Hello esteemed Design Squad,

I'm looking for a new signature to replace the excellent Beyond: Two Souls sig that itachi73378 kindly cooked up. I'm a bigger fan of Kingdom Hearts than any other game franchise, and I cheered like a lunatic when KH3 surprised at all at Sony's conference.

Here's what I'm looking for: (+rep and all that jazz for submissions)

-A sig that incorporates a primary image from the KH3 trailer (maybe Sora looking at the Keyblade in his hand, or facing down the Heartless swarm). I haven't found a really good image online, but here's a couple that give some idea of the general scenes I like



-Some elements from the series at large. Could be an important background image of another character, the Heartless symbol, Nobody symbol, a shadowy outline of young (or old) Master Xehanort--feel free to play around here. I don't have a concrete goal in my head.

-Some text: My name, Kyle Prahl, and title, U.S. Managing Editor.

Can't wait to see what the squad comes up with! If anyone has the time, I'd love to replace my Mark Cerny avatar with something KH3 related, but the trailer images aren't great. Anything Kingdom Hearts will do, but I can spend more time thinking about what I'd like, unless someone has a cool idea.