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    Diablo 3 won't support the move controller

    We already know Blizzard’s Diablo 3 will see a console version on both the PS3 and PS4; but can the game’s menu system and user interface work given that people will be replacing a keyboard and mouse with “just” a controller?

    Come to think of it, why not let gamers plug a keyboard and mouse on the PS3 and let them play it as is? If not that, maybe have PlayStation Move support?

    In an interview with OPM, Matthew Burger, who’s the senior designer on the PS3 version of Diablo 3, talks about why the game won’t support PS Move, and why they didn’t implement a keyboard and mouse set up.

    "What we didn’t want to do was emulate a PC game on the console. So, for instance, you can’t plug in a USB keyboard and mouse and play Diablo 3 on PS3. It was really built for the controller. We put a lot work into how we laid out the abilities and the camera. It wouldn’t feel right."

    There you have it. Would you have wanted Blizzard to have given us a choice or are they doing the right thing by having the console version be controllable with just the DualShock 3?

    I know this is an older article, but I haven not seen it discussed anywhere.

    This is like EA all over again. We want you to use our stupid control scheme in C&C3 and RA3, without even giving you an option to use Keyboard and Mouse.

    Now I am highly adaptable when it comes to controls, but even I thought that playing those games using a controller was very painful experience.

    Granted, this is different, because I played Dungeon Hunter Alliance, and it was perfectly playable with a controller, and guess what? It gives you and option to use the move as well!
    Playing it with move noticeably improved the experience, even though I haven't played it for very long.
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    Yeah, I get your point but I think they did this because like he said, it wouldn't feel right in how they basicly reworked the whole game for controller use. They even added in exclusive consol features like dodging etc. I'm ok with this. If you want the computer experience, play it on there. To me this version is for slouching in the couch with a buddy and they probably did a LOT of work and testing to make it work very good with a controller. This is Blizzard after all, they are very thorough with their work.
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