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    Rumour: Dead Rising characters to return for Dead Rising 3?
    Can't Wait.

    Dead Rising 3 may be set in a new location and star a whole new protagonist, but two characters from previous titles in the series may be turning up in Los Perdidos after all. Possible spoilers ahead if you want to go in fresh...
    Spotted by eagle-eyed NeoGAF forum user Zaverious, the website Siliconera is claiming that the characters of Isabella Keyes from Dead Rising 1 and Chuck Greene from Dead Rising 2 will feature in the new game.

    Could Isabella appear in California? Isabela was the younger sister of the main antagonist in the original Dead Rising who wound up joining Frank West by the end of the game - canonically, she survived the events of Willamette and was said to be working on a cure for the zombie virus. She didn't officially appear in Dead Rising 2 except in the strictly non-canon Off the Record spin-off, where it was revealed she was now working for the shady Phenotrans company responsible for anti-zombie drug Zombrex.

    Greene was, of course, the motorcycle riding protagonist of Dead Rising 2 who was determined to save his daughter Katey from the zombie plague. No word on if she too is returning, but assuming Greene has still been keeping on top of her daily Zombrex requirement she'll be about 17 by the time of the events of Dead Rising 3.

    There's no word on exactly how either of the characters will fit into the story of Dead Rising 3 - whether as helpful friends or decidedly unhelpful psychopaths - but Siliconera's source states that the story isn't about them. However, they also note another new character named Diego - one of Nick's closest friends - has some baggage "due to something from Dead Rising 1".

    For the moment, this is all rumour as Capcom are staying largely schtum on any story information, but Siliconera has some grounding behind it - they're the same source we reported on all the way back in 2011 with the first Dead Rising 3 details eighteen months before the game was revealed as an Xbox One exclusive launch title at this year's E3.
    Are there any other members of the Dead Rising cast you'd like to see return for Dead Rising 3? What about any of the weapons and/or costumes? Let us know in the comments.
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    I'm excited for this game to return. I love me some zombie games and the open world will make this one even more fun. I hope they bring back some playable characters from DR2.

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