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    Exclusivity talks by Sony & Epic Games for PS4?

    I like this channel, because he's been right about ALOT of things. But, anyway. It doesn't seeming he's saying they'd be Sony exclusive, but rather the talks are for a PS4 exclusive IP, similar to how XBox has Gears of War. Also there's other info on PayDay 2 (and Payday 3 confirmed) as well as some other PS4 game (H-Hour Elite) and more.

    Not surprised, given some of the reports that came out surrounding E3. They didn't really say much about X1 at all, and didn't appear at anybodies show, but had alot to say about PS4. Errr, actually they said nothing about the XBox One... except in reference to the statement someone made about the next-gen consoles being more powerful than PC's, which they said was BS (in terms of Raw Power).

    "The Gears of War developer also commented on the system’s 8GB of memory and some of its bonus features such as instant booting. “It’s like giving you the world’s best PC,” he said. “The kind of stuff that they announced that they’re doing, the level of convenience and things like that… they’re making a really perfect gaming PC.”

    "The PlayStation 4 is a leading-edge hardware platform, and its enormous CPU, GPU and memory resources enables Unreal Engine 4 to reach levels of visual quality and detail that go far beyond the current generation, for games of all sizes and genres.

    The features and effects in our new “Elemental” demo on PlayStation 4 are just the tip of the iceberg, showing dynamic lighting and shadowing, subsurface scattering and GPU-powered particle effects at full 1080p resolution.

    As the developers of the Unreal Engine, we’re passionate about not only building great games, but building them efficiently. PlayStation 4 builds upon PC technology and takes it to the next level, providing a very robust and easy-to-use development environment."

    "Let's not forget it has 16 times the memory we had in PlayStation 3--that's not insignificant. Knowing that every machine has that…we can do crazy, ridiculous stuff with that."

    "The other exciting thing is that… when you think about Windows, even Windows for most people is tied to about 2GB of addressable memory space. This really opens up beyond what most PCs can do, because most PCs are running a 32-bit version of Windows."

    "It's like giving you the world's best PC," he added. "

    The Infiltrator Demo
    (I think this is a longer one, released in response to people saying it wasn't in-game engine):

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