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    I pre-ordered my PS4 right after Sony's E3, on Amazon. That being said, I waited till the PS3 slim came out to even buy a PS3. These days I own every modern day console, a bunch of handhelds, the start of the next gen consoles if you count Wii U as next gen, and a gaming PC. Other than Killzone, I'm not really sure what PS4 games I'm interested in as all the multiplat games I could technically buy on PC.

    Thus, I'd say I could actually wait a couple of years before buying a PS4 actually. I feel like I'm falling into the same trap I fell into with the 360, 3DS, Vita, and PSP; Buy early and have no games. However, now that its pre-ordered and I read articles about the PS4 pre-orders being sold out, I figure I might as well keep the pre-order.

    My original reason for buying the ps4 was to play with some guys I know online before an unfortunate event made it hard for us to message each other.
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