I have been a very loyal customer with Amazon.com for quite sometime, and what they've done for me has been amazing, above and beyond what I expect a large corporation to do for their customers. So here is my story.....

I emailed them asking about my pre-order on the ps4. I'm afraid that since I pre-ordered and it is such a hot item at the moment that I won't get my system in the week that it launches. Well I got an email from them a few hours later saying that I am on the priority list since I have pre-ordered the ps4, and that I will receive said console when it releases.

Well here is the best part though, they changed my shipping speed from standard shipping to one day shipping, and are not charging me at all for shipping!!! I was ecstatic when I saw this! All they had to do was answer my question and instead they went WAY above and beyond to help me out!

I thought I would share my good story for you folks tonight. What do you think?