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so then they are lying. there's no other way. there's actually no point in talking about a low-end PC because then every game out there is inferior...so I don't buy that argument that high-end PC is not worth talking about.

they said all versions, all platforms. they didn't say all consoles. and they can say this statement while including the xbox because they're not specifically talking about the xbox. not to mention, before the xbox reveal, many many developers hinted that xbox wasn't as powerful (by saying indirectly that MS' focus is not the same).

you can't talk directly about the xbox but you can vaguely bring it up like this.
Not defending them but i wouldn't call that lying, every game has the potential to run better on a high end PC, and since the PS4 has faster ram and supposedly faster cpu/gpu combo compared to the xbox one it should provide the best gaming experience unless you are going to spend thousand(s) of dollars on a high end PC.

Part of Ubisofts job after getting free PR for their game is to praise the PS4, that's just how the business works, it doesn't mean its not true though.