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    I'll buy it if it ever got made into a full game
    I wonder when a nuclear warhead goes off, does the frame rate of real life drop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suzano-O View Post

    Strangely enough, tho, I've been in the proximity of black guy's faces my entire life...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitbydeath View Post
    I'll just be happy to see anything these guys do.
    We need more of this sort of genre.
    Yes, it's nice to see that there's at least one big adventure game developer for consoles.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sufi View Post
    even if they pull it off...those graphics are just too mature for right now. maybe something close to it by the end of this generation but right now? if they pull that off right now, they would be winning some sort of an oscar.
    Most of the animation or motion capture tech still used tech from Beyond Two Souls and should see improvement before the actual game.

    What comes to the actual sets in adventure games, you can do some quite nice things when you have mostly static environment and gameplay without any meaningful AI or physics.
    There should be enough of memory to create nice sets of size of small town without too much problems, especially without indoor spaces. (IE. Town in Gabriel Knight 3.)

    Biggest problem is the asset creation, but there has been some very nice advancement in that area as well. (Very good re-topology and LoD tools, Photogrammetry (2)(3), etc.)
    Quote Originally Posted by PeanutButterMunky View Post
    And regarding the costume bit, when the wizard asks him about his mask, the goblin replies "what mask?"
    Perhaps he was method actor or just wanted to mess with the wizard.
    Couple of nice blog posts about OpenGL.
    The Truth on OpenGL Driver Quality
    Things that drive me nuts about OpenGL

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