Aurora: Recently, a poll was made by Sony to ask gamers most wanted Vitaís J-RPG to get localized, and both Tales titles made it to the top. Could it makes change your mind about localize them?

Hideo Baba: Personally, I really want to localize Vita titles Tales of Hearts R and Tales of Innocence R.
But you know, Iím a game producer, but Iím also a businessman, so I must take count of the business perspectives from the market, and the Vita console do not sell much in American and European countries.Itís necessary that the Vita do better before localizing Tales titles.
For now, thereís not enough Vita on western markets, but if it grow, there will be better possibilities for us to localize the Vita titles. Our podcast now is to promote Tales of Xillia.

Aurora: The main problem with the Vita is in two ways : lots of gamers hesitate to buy the console because thereís so few titles on it, and mostly so few RPGís. And lot of them would be motivated if the titles available for Vita grow bigger.

Hideo Baba: I understand what you mean, but Tales Series is not that big for now to motivate gamers to buy a new console by its own. But is the fanbase grow bigger and became more popular, it can be, but for now Tales Series are not well known in the American and European markets.

Aurora: So you mean itís not excluded to get Vita titles ?

Hideo Baba: If feedbacks after PS3 titles yet announced are positives, we could think about localizing the Vita titles.