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    Lol, PS was created because Nintendo stabbed Sony in the back (and so did SEGA)

    Ouch. What irony.

    In the wake of Sony's post-E3 press run, some interesting things are coming out. Here's a little humor to start the morning, lol. Mark Cerny at his PS4 talk, did give history of PSOne. Buuut, he didn't mention THIS one, lol.

    Oh well. Thank You Nintendo..... for Playstation O_o.. Lol.


    "It’s a well-known fact that the PlayStation started life as an add-on for the Super NES. Sony and Nintendo didn’t see eye-to-eye, though, and the latter stabbed its would-be ally in the back by announcing a partnership with Philips.

    However, before opting to go it alone, the manufacturer actually tried to strike a deal with SEGA."

    "Fascinatingly, SEGA actually agreed, and it formed a developer called Digital Pictures..."

    "All that Kalinske had to do was convince the people at the top of SEGA’s board – but they were having none of it. “They basically turned me down,” remembered the ex-industry veteran. “They said: ‘That’s a stupid idea, Sony doesn’t know how to make hardware. They don’t know how to make software either. Why would we want to do this?’ That is what caused the division between SEGA and Sony, and caused Sony to become our competitor and launch its own hardware platform.”"
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