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This 90nm/28nm thing would hold true if the PS4 was no more powerful than the PS3. This is why all this talk of the Wii U and smartphones existing doesn't mean a thing. The Wii U and smartphones can be smaller than the PS4 because they are a ton weaker.
Smaller die size=smaller transistors
smaller transistors=use less voltage to switch.
using less voltage to switch=less heat

It _does_ make a difference. Granted it also depends on how many of those little switches are packed into the chip.

Also you seemingly missed the big glaring point in my post: There were TWO chips in the PS3 launch model to cool, not ONE like in the PS4. This simple fact is why your talk of it being smaller creating more of a cooling task doesn't mean a thing. Has nothing to do with how powerful the hardware is...

And you somehow think you're the only intelligent person on the board with the amazing ability to read and comprehend?