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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyn View Post
    Terrible article, the headline is misleading either by design or incompetence. Fudging the terms profit and revenue about 10 times. The entertainment and devices division did not make $1.32 billion profit in 2011.
    Feel free to not believe Microsoft. The onus is on you to prove them wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soldier 95B View Post
    Feel free to not believe Microsoft. The onus is on you to prove them wrong.
    Link is to a word doc. MS 2012 annual report. No pages numbers, the info below is in "Note 21"

    Operating Income (Loss)

    (in millions)

    Entertainment and Devices Division
    2012 $365
    2011 $1,294
    2010 $525

    Not that it really means anything to anyone here. Not like any of us see a dime. Lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by radgamer420 View Post
    Rad, I love your pinpoint "lol" comments Simple yet more than enough
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