Just curious the amount of you if any are considering getting an Xbox One in the future.
Or are you getting it day one along with your PS4?
I myself have a launch edition PS4 along with,
an extra controller, camera, Killzone: SF, Assassins Creed, and Watch Dogs.
I may pre order Knack and I will definitely be getting Second Son when it has an official release date.

Basically I'm just curious what all us Sony fans are planning for there future in gaming for the next 5 to 10 years.
I myself will not be getting an Xbox One, mostly because of how MS does business and I refuse to support such a company. The console itself should be a nice one, just not as nice as Sony's.

PS: for those of you who know your computers, I have a MSI GT60 laptop with a GTX680m inside and am wondering how long will that card will be good or up to date? Or is it already a $#@!ty card. I been able to run everything I've played so far maxed out, but I know with this next gen of consoles graphics cards will most likely get a jump in power and performance pretty soon. Or am I wrong in assuming this?