I wanted to point out the following things.
The Opteron X might be the same basic socket as the XBO and PS4 chips.
Opteron X is the Jaguar core based APU Opteron Server chips that are arriving soon.
AMD Bought Sea Micro, a leader in low power servers, right out from under Intel.



So, I have to ask, given the specialized hardware, would it not be quite possible that AMD will be supplying the cloud hardware to MS and SONY for both company's cloud initiatives?

While MS might initially be bigger if they really want '3 machines in the cloud for every one machine sold', surely, for dealing with online processing of games, SONY's cloud will do much the same.

So, a bunch of multi socket Opteron X servers with PS4 or XBOne APU's in place of the Opterons running in the cloud sounds like a reasonable way to build it, rather than having to have routines run on non similar CPU and GPU architectures in the cloud.

I wonder how much this will propel AMD's profits and market position now.
Any thoughts? Anyone do stocks and want to chime in on the effect or lack of of these propositions?